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  • How is the booking process?
    Especially in the summer months, appointments are often taken quickly. I also film only one wedding on a weekend in order to be able to capture your personal story in full without any time pressure.After your request, which should preferably be filled with a few more details than just the wedding date, I will quickly discuss further details with you in order to be able to recommend the perfect film package. Accordingly, you will receive my wedding brochure for the packages I offer. If one of the packages promises (which I hope of course), I will send you the contract. The date for the filming of your DREAM WEDDING is thus officially booked.LET'S CREATE SOMETHING SPECIAL ON A SPECIAL DAY
  • Your equipment on the wedding day and will you attract attention?
    You can rest easy. I will not appear at your wedding with huge camera equipment like when shooting a Hollywood film.It is especially important to create natural and candid scenes that reflect your special day as it really was! That's why I film very minimalistically and unobtrusively, so that some guests won't even notice that a wedding film is just being made.To make sure that all important details can be seen on your finished video, I always set up a second camera on a tripod at the wedding. On request, it would also be possible to bring a second filmer to record different angles at the same time. But you will also be convinced of the result on your own. This is my promise to you.
  • For how many hours should we book you?
    I recommend every bridal couple to be accompanied from getting ready to the celebration in the evening. Depending on the beginning of your wedding ceremony, it is 8 to 12 hours. For me it's important to tell the whole story of the day. Emotions, magic moments and the unique party atmosphere in the evening!
  • When will we get the finished film?
    Post-production is always a very creative and individual process. Nevertheless, I always try to move forward quite quickly in order to revive the still existing wedding mood directly. The production time is approx. 6 to 8 weeks depending on the package selected. You will receive your trailer for a short insight in advance.
  • Why a video makes your wedding even more special?
    Many couples have second thoughts about booking a videographer. However, the most important and probably the most emotional day of your life is best captured with moving pictures. A wedding film preserves for you what no photo can capture - the atmosphere of the wedding day, the background noise, emotional speeches from parents and grandparents and of course the unique atmosphere.With a wedding film you experience the day with your family and friends over and over again. An emotional heirloom that will let your children and grandchildren see how cool you used to be! :)''CAPTURE YOUR DREAM WEDDING TO ALWAYS REMEMBER''

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